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about Ellen

So, who is this Ellen who draws baseball? Besides, obviously, a dweeb?

First and foremost, I'm an actor. I've had recurring roles on shows such as "Homeland," "The Sinner," "Bull," "Billions," "Veep," and others. I've also appeared on TV shows like "The Good Fight," "NCIS: New Orleans," "Chicago Fire," "Nurse Jackie," and "Brotherhood," and in films like Trick (opposite Omar Epps) and the upcoming Herd, Cryptid and Love and Communication.

But secondly, obviously, I have an unhealthy love of baseball. I'm a contributing analyst to the MLB Network show "Off Base," and have been a guest analyst on "MLB Now," "High Heat," "MLB Central" and "Hot Stove." I have my own podcast, Take Me In to the Ballgame, grading baseball movies on the 20-80 scouting scale used for baseball prospects. I've also been on podcasts for FanGraphs, the Athletic, Pitcher List, CBS, Baseball Prospectus, SABR, and many others, and a panelist for several years at Pitcher List's PitchCon. I've also written about baseball on a few sites, but I have many other writing projects that take up most of that kind of energy.

To that end, my other writing! My book of poetry, called Curtain Speech, was published by Pen & Anvil Press, and it also features some of my drawings. I'm currently working on a novel and several scripts.

I don't have an art degree. But then, I don't have an acting degree, either. English Major, baby!

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